Assault 2nd Degree, Felony Leaving the Scene Reduced to Misdemeanor

Client was charged with Assault 2nd degree and Felony Leavin the Scene after allegedly intentionally hitting a golf cart and then hitting the occupant, who had tried to stop him from leaving. During our investigation we uncovered that the alleged victim had thrown beer bottles at our client's car, threatened his family with a gun, and assaulted passengers in...

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Felony Domestic Assault Reduced to Misdemeanor

A St. Louis County Man was charged Domestic Assault 2nd Degree after allegedly assaulting his wife during an altercation. Through plea negotiations we were able to persuade the prosecutor to ammend the felony to a misdemeanor.

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What is the Juvenile Justice System?

Overview of the Juvenile Justice System in Missouri The juvenile justice system is a branch of criminal law specifically designed to handle cases involving juveniles, typically individuals under 18 years old. Unlike adult criminal court, the juvenile court focuses on rehabilitating young offenders rather than punishing them.  The system aims to address juvenile...

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What is Cross-Examination in Court?

Definition of Cross-Examination Cross-examination is a stage in court proceedings, especially in criminal trials, where the defense attorney questions the prosecution witness to challenge their testimony and credibility. It follows the direct examination, where the opposing counsel presents their witness to give direct testimony supporting their case.  During...

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Expungement in Missouri: Clearing Your Criminal Record

  Understanding Expungement in Missouri Expungement in Missouri is a legal process that allows individuals to remove certain criminal offenses from their public record, thereby offering a fresh start and an opportunity to move past a single mistake. Under Missouri law, expungement can encompass a range of offenses, from misdemeanors and DWI convictions to...

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What is the Missouri Charge Code?

Understanding the Basics of Missouri Charge CodeThe Missouri Charge Code plays an important role in the state's criminal justice system, acting as a standardized system to categorize and identify criminal offenses. Under Missouri law, every criminal offense is associated with a specific charge code, which details the nature of the crime, the category of...

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What are Common Causes of Wrongful Convictions

  Common Causes of Wrongful Convictions in Missouri A wrongful conviction in Missouri often stems from a complex mix of procedural failings and evidentiary errors. A false confession, the misuse or misinterpretation of forensic evidence, and official misconduct can be some of the causes behind a wrongful conviction. Additionally, eyewitness misidentification...

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The Role of Expert Witnesses in Criminal Defense Trials

  The Significance of Expert Witness Testimony in Legal Proceedings Expert witnesses possess specialized knowledge, skills, or experience in a particular field, making their expert testimony critical in both civil and criminal cases. Under the Federal Rule of Civil Procedure and relevant guidelines in federal court systems, the admissibility of expert evidence...

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