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Brian Cooke is a criminal defense lawyer based in St. Louis, Missouri. 100 percent of his practice is dedicated to defending individuals facing criminal and DWI charges. Brian  has represented individuals facing just about every charge–from misdemeanors to murder. In addition to practicing in trial courts accross Missouri, Brian has argued cases in Missouri’s Eastern District Court of Appeals and the Missouri Supreme Court. Brian has been named a “Rising Star” by Superlawyers Magazine, was awarded “10 Best in Client Satisfaction” for DWI cases in Missouri, and the Client’s choice award by

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Fighting Criminal Charges With Help From a St. Louis Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal defense law involves defending individuals who are accused of committing crimes. It’s a critical part of the legal system that ensures everyone receives a fair trial according to the law.

People facing criminal charges need to understand how criminal defense works because the outcomes of these cases can significantly impact their lives. The process is complex, involving various laws and legal procedures, and the difference between misdemeanor and felony charges can influence the defense strategy and consequences if convicted.

We at The Law Offices of Brian J. Cooke are a team of criminal defense lawyers based in St. Louis. We are committed to defending the rights of our clients by using our thorough knowledge of local laws and a strong defense strategy. We dedicate ourselves to not only representing our clients but also to fighting for the best possible results in their cases. 

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Fighting Criminal Charges

Understanding Criminal Law in St. Louis, MO

St. Louis has a complex legal environment, as varied and detailed as the historical buildings throughout the city. Our community deals with a wide range of criminal charges, from minor offenses to more serious crimes. The legal system in St. Louis includes laws that require careful interpretation and understanding.

Misdemeanors vs. Felonies

In Missouri, misdemeanors are less severe than felonies, but both can have long-lasting effects on a person’s life. It is crucial for someone facing charges to understand the difference between these types of crimes. Misdemeanors typically result in penalties such as fines or short-term jail sentences, while felonies are more serious and can lead to longer prison terms.

Given these stakes, the expertise of competent St. Louis criminal defense attorneys is essential. For those unfamiliar with it, the legal system can seem like a labyrinth of laws and courtroom procedures. An attorney helps navigate these complexities, ensuring that your rights are protected at every step.

At The Law Offices of Brian J. Cooke, we believe that providing precise and steadfast legal representation is not just a service; it’s a fundamental part of justice in our community. We use our combined legal skills to defend the rights of our clients vigorously. It’s our professional duty to clarify the details of criminal law and the criminal justice process for those we represent, and we take this responsibility very seriously.

Practice Areas

At The Law Offices of Brian J. Cooke, we focus entirely on criminal defense, delivering aggressive and effective legal services tailored to protect our clients’ rights and provide them with a strong defense. Our legal team has extensive experience across various criminal issues, enabling us to address the unique challenges and concerns our clients may face.

Client-Tailored Defense Strategies

We understand that each criminal charge has its own set of complexities. That’s why we develop focused defense strategies that are specific to the nature of the allegations. We also keep up-to-date with how technology affects the courtroom, enhancing how evidence is presented and used in your defense.













CourtLatest Case Results

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Client Testimonials

“I came across numerous of lawyers, and by far Brian has been one of the best, not only did he help me with my case but he has also been there for me mentally, whatever question i asked he answered, if i became nervous he encouraged me and simply reassured me there where to be no worries. He goes above and beyond to help his clients, if there’s a solution he’s going to try every one possible, he’s been my lawyer for a year now and with every call no matter what time Brian was there. I’m so thankful to of had a lawyer as Brian, he’s highly recommended. Thank you Brian for helping and sticking by me, i really appreciate it.”

“Brian J. Cook is definitely the best. He saved my life. Wonderful lawyer and he works things out fast as he possibly can. Thank you Mr Cook.”


“I am happy for the way he handled my case, he was available to answer my questions and if he wasn’t available he returned my messages promptly. The outcome of my case was better than I was expecting.”

“I was referred to Brian Cook from a friend who used him prior. He did not disappoint! He was very diligent in his work and communicated with me every step of the way during a very scary time for me. The entire process went smoothly and the outcome was even better than I had expected! I’m so relieved ! I highly recommend him to anyone facing the criminal justice system.”


“Brian is a very thorough professional attorney. He is very knowledgeable and confident in the courtroom. He won my case! I highly recommend him!


“After years of harrassment from the Missouri court system Brian helped me achieve a victory. Brian and I took them to court and he was able to help me get my drivers license reinstated after a five year absence. I’ve been a college student employed full time and for the first time in five years I don’t have to commute via the public transit schedule. Thank you Brian Cooke.”

“I couldn’t be happier with the amazing job Brian did in my case. I was charged w 1st degree robbery and Armed Criminal Action and had a $50,000 cash only bond. After hiring Brian he got me bond reduction to $25,000 w 10%. Making it possible for me to post bond. After alot of hard work he got the prosecutor to agree to 5 years SIS probation. He was able to turn a possible 15 years in prison to 5 years paper and made it possible for me to stay with family and continue my life. Without Brian’s hard work and diligence I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

“Brian Cooke is an excellent attorney that truly cares about his client. His efforts resulted in a complete dismissal in one case and the best possible scenario in another for me. He will use every tool in his arsenal, including fellow attorneys and good relationships with judges, to make sure his client has his/her best chance in court. He is up front with his client about their options and is relentless in his efforts for you. I highly recommend that anyone in Stl or Stl County contact Brian Cooke for their particular case. 5+ Stars.”

Overview of Missouri’s Criminal Justice Process

Facing criminal charges is unexpected and can be overwhelming, particularly when trying to understand the complexities of Missouri’s criminal justice system. The process unfolds in several stages, from the initial investigation and arrest to various court proceedings and the final resolution of the case. Being familiar with this sequence can significantly alleviate stress and help you navigate the system more effectively.


1. Arrest and Initial Legal Steps

When someone is suspected of a crime, the process begins with an investigation, which may lead to interrogation and eventual arrest. Following an arrest, charges are formally brought against the individual, and they are informed about the bond they need to post to secure their release. For serious crimes like felonies, the court must establish probable cause through preliminary hearings or grand juries before the case moves forward.

2. Pre-Trial Procedures

Before a trial begins, there are critical stages where legal issues are addressed, such as challenging the legality of evidence collection. This phase includes discussions about possible plea deals, where decisions are made on whether to settle the case or proceed to trial based on the strengths and weaknesses of the evidence.

3. The Trial Phase

If the case goes to trial, the prosecution is tasked with proving the accused’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. This involves a rigorous examination of evidence and witness testimonies. The accused has the right to contest the charges through their defense.

4. Post-Trial Considerations

After a trial, individuals found guilty may face sentences that include probation. Failing to adhere to probation terms can lead to severe consequences, including potential revocation and further penalties.


How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

Navigating the legal system, especially when facing criminal charges in St. Louis, requires not just understanding the process but also strategic legal representation. An attorney plays a critical role in this journey. From the initial stages of securing a fair bond and representing you during investigations to arguing motions and negotiating plea deals, a competent attorney uses their legal experience to advocate on your behalf. They are instrumental in preparing for trial, selecting juries, and defending your rights in court.

Expungement Services in Missouri

Amidst these complexities, there exists the possibility of a new beginning. For those eligible, expungement may offer a path to a clean slate, removing barriers to employment and education. The process can be intricate, but we can facilitate the journey toward clearing your criminal record.

Navigating the legal process is undoubtedly intricate, with each phase demanding attention to detail and a proactive approach. With our guidance, each procedural step becomes more transparent, offering clarity and a strategy designed to protect and preserve your rights.

We offer a free consultation. If you are facing charges, please do not
hesitate to contact St. Louis Attorney Brian Cooke today at

Navigating the Legal System in St. Louis