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If you have been charged with a crime or you are being investigated for one, you need an experienced and capable St. Louis criminal defense lawyer from a reputable law firm to defend your rights. We understand criminal law and that facing a criminal charge or being investigated by the police is one of the most stressful experiences imaginable. Whether you’re facing a serious felony charge or a low-level misdemeanor, it's always a serious matter when your reputation is at stake.

At The Law Offices of Brian J. Cooke, LLC, we treat your criminal case as if it was our own. We’re not interested in taking the prosecutor’s first offer. We don’t pressure our clients into plea deals. We explore every possible defense with the goal of getting your case dismissed. We prepare each case as if it is going to trial.

We offer a free consultation. If you are facing charges, please do not hesitate to contact St. Louis Attorney Brian Cooke today at 314-526-3779.

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Attorney Brian J. Cooke has successfully represented individuals facing a variety of criminal charges. Whether you are a first time offender or have significant criminal history, we fight each case with everything we have. If you or a loved one is facing a criminal charge, please don’t hesitate to contact our St. Louis Criminal Defense Attorneys today at 314-250-9894. 

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Brian Cooke is a criminal defense lawyer based in St. Louis, Missouri. 100 percent of his practice is dedicated to defending individuals facing criminal and DWI charges. Brian  has represented individuals facing just about every charge–from misdemeanors to murder. In addition to practicing in trial courts accross Missouri, Brian has argued cases in Missouri’s Eastern District Court of Appeals and the Missouri Supreme Court. Brian has been named a “Rising Star” by Superlawyers Magazine, was awarded “10 Best in Client Satisfaction” for DWI cases in Missouri, and the Client’s choice award by…. Read More



Missouri Criminal Defense Overview

No one expects criminal charges, and when they come you have to put on a brave face and find a criminal lawyer. One of the most stressful aspects is often not understanding Missouri’s criminal case process. After being arrested and hauled into court, it may feel as if you’ve already been convicted. However, no case is “open and shut”. Missouri's criminal justice system and criminal laws are complex and it is imperative to have a good criminal defense lawyer on your side. Below is an overview of the criminal process in Missouri.

  • Investigations, Interrogations, and Arrests: If the police are investigating you for a criminal offense, it is in your best interest to get a criminal attorney involved. Oftentimes, legal representation can speak directly with the investigating officer in order to stop further harassment from the police.  

  • Posting Bond: If the State has filed charges against you, a summons or a warrant with a bond will be issued. If you can’t afford your bond, we can file a motion for bond reduction to make your bond more affordable.

  • Preliminary Hearings and Grand Juries: In Missouri, all felony cases require a judge or grand jury to make a finding of probable cause before the case can proceed further. Preliminary hearings can be a crucial stage in a felony case because it gives the attorney an opportunity to cross-examine the State’s witnesses prior to a jury trial.

  • Pre-Trial Motions: In many cases, there may be legal issues with the state’s case that need to be taken up before trial. For instance, if the police illegally searched you, a criminal attorney from a reputable law office can file a motion to suppress the illegally obtained evidence. Oftentimes, this can result in the state being forced to dismiss the case.

  • Plea Bargaining: If you decide that it’s in your best interest to work out a deal rather than to take your chances at trial, we can fight to ensure you receive the best deal possible. An attorney can use your personal history, weaknesses in the State’s case, and your conduct since being charged to persuade the prosecutor or judge to agree to a lower sentence.

  • Trial: If you decide to proceed to trial, the State will have the burden of proving your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt to a jury. Prior to trial, we conduct an extensive investigation into all aspects of the case. Oftentimes, what may seem to be a minor mistake by law enforcement can be used to create reasonable doubt.

  • Probation Revocations: If you received probation, you will be placed under the supervision of a probation officer. The court and your probation officer can impose conditions on your probation. If you fail to meet, these conditions the court can violate your probation. However, in many cases, there may be legitimate reasons why you were not able to comply with the conditions of probations. An experienced attorney, can help paint a fuller picture of your situation in order to help you avoid revocation.