Case Results

Robbery 1st Degree, Armed Criminal Action Charges Reduced. Distribution charge Dismissed.

A Franklin County man was charged with Robbery in the First Degree and Armed Criminal Action for allegedly robbing a drug dealer at gunpoint. He was also charged with Distribution of a Controlled Substance for an unrelated arrest. Based on issues with the credibility of the witnesses, we were able to persuade the prosecutor to give him probation on reduced charges and dismiss the distribution charge altogether.

Mental Health Defense Results in Dismissal of Domestic Assault 1st, Armed Criminal Action Charges

Client was charged with Domestic Assault in the 1st Degree and Armed Criminal Action after allegedly attacking his wife with a knife. We consulted with a psychiatric expert and were able to persuade the State that the incident was caused by an adverse reaction to sleeping medication. Morover, our client was an immigrant on a visa and even a minor misdemeanor conviction could result in deportation. We were able to persuade the prosecutor to dismiss the case pursuant to a deferred prosecution agreement which allowed our client to avoid a guilty plea and possible deportation.

No Probable Cause for Felony Stealing

Client was charged with stealing over $750 for allegedly stealing numerous items from her employer. At the preliminary hearing, Attorney Brian Cooke forced the detective to admit he couldn’t recall any details about the stolen items and couldn’t say for certain what the items were worth. As a result, the judge found no probable cause at the preliminary hearing and the case was dismissed.

Tampering 1st Degree Dismissed

A Jefferson County man was charged with Tampering 1st Degree after allegedly driving a stolen motor vehicle. We presented evidence to the proscutor that our client was at work, that someone else had used his identity, and that the police officer had failed to book or obtain any identification from the suspect at the time of the arrest.

Felony Assault on Another Inmate Reduced to Misdemeanor. Time Served.

Our client was charged with a felony assault after allegedly entering another inmate’s cell, locking the cell door, and attacking him resulting in hospitalization. We were able to persuade the prosecutor that the other inmate started the fight by calling our client out, that the other inmate exaggerated his injuries so he could take a “field trip” to the hospital and seek pain pills, and that our client had defensive wounds, indicative of self-defense. As a result, the prosecution reduced the charge to a misdemeanor and gave our client credit for time he had already served in jail.

120 days Shock Incarceration and Probation for DWI Resulting in Death and Physical Injury

Our client was charged with DWI resulting in death and physical injury after allegedly driving while intoxicated, crossing the center divider, and hitting another vehicle, killing the other motorist and injuring a passenger. As a result of lengthy negotiations our client was able to plead to a lesser charge with a cap of four years. While the State argued vigorously for four years in prison, Attorney Brian Cooke was able to persaude the Judge to grant probation with 120 days shock incarceration.

Felony Shooting reduced to Misdemeanor

A St. Charles County man was charged with unlawful use of a weapon for allegedly firing off 7 shots with an AK-47 during a a heated argument. We were able to show that the other man had started the argument, thatthe shots were warning shots, and that the other man had trespassed on our client’s property at the time of the alleged shooting. As a result, the prosecution agreed to ammend the charge to a misdemeanor with probation. So long as our client completes probation, he will not receive a conviction on his record.

No Probable Cause for Possession of Fentanyl

A St. Louis County man was charged with felony Possession of Controlled Substance after allegedly being found asleep in a car at an auto body shop. The police claimed they found a loaded syringe and fentanyl capsules in his waistband. On cross examination, Attorney Brian Cooke forced the officer to admit he had no probable cause to detain the defendant in the first place; that he couldn’t say whether the defendant was wearing jeans, sweatpants, or spandex; and that he couldn’t say for certain where he found the drugs.

Felony Assault on Police Officer Dismissed

A crawford county man was charged with felony assault on law enforcement, after allegedly resisting arrest and striking an officer during a “bad trip” on mushrooms. He was also accused of assaulting a pregnant woman. We were able to locate an indepenent witness who discredited the police officer’s allegations against our client. As a result both assault counts were dismissed and our client was able to pay a fine for resisting arrest.

Driver’s License Saved Despite DWI with .17 BAC

A St. Charles County resident was charged with DWI after allegedly failing all field sobriety tests and blowing .17 (over twice the legal limit). At the license hearing, attorney Brian Cooke was able to show that the officer who conducted the mandatory 15 minute observation period prior to the breath test did not have the proper qualifications. As a result, the breath test was inadmissable and the administrative alcohol suspension will be removed from the client’s driving record.

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