Case Results

Second Offense DWI reduced to Careless and Imprudent Driving. Refusal revocation dismissed.

A Maryland Heights man was accused of DWI after allegedly evading police, failing all field sobriety tests, blowing over the legal limit on a PBT, and refusing a breathalyzer at the stattion. We were able to persuade the prosecutor to drop the DWI to a careless and imprudent because of issues with the administration of the field sobriety tests and the fact that our client was an immigrant and faced possible deportation if convicted. In addition, Client’s one year revocation for refusing a breathalyzer was dropped based on arguments we made regarding a language barrier.

Immigrant Accused of DWI Recieves Reduced Charge

A St. Charles County man was charged with DWI after allegedly failing all field sobriety tests and blowing over the legal limit on the breath test. Client was an immigrant here on work visa and faced possible deportation if convicted. Attorney Brian Cooke was able to negotiate the DWI down to careless and imprudent with a fine. As a result, our client has a clean record and will be able to remain in the United States.

DWI reduced to Careless and Imprudent Driving

Client charged with DWI after allegedly failing all field sobriety tests, vomiting, and blowing over the legal limit. We prevailed at the administrative hearing by showing that officer failed to check the client’s mouth after the client vomited, rendering the breath test result invalid. We were also able to show that the officer had our client perform the field sobriety tests in a mini skirt and 6 inch heels in freezing weather and on an uneven surface, thus rendering the results unreliable. After negotiations, the prosecutor agreed to ammend the DWI charge to carless and imprudent driving with a fine.

4th Offense DWI with Serious Physical Injury Dismissed

A Boone County man was charged with DWI Resulting in Serious Physicial Injury after allegedly crossing the center line and hitting another driver head on causing serious physical injury. Toxicology records indicated defendant had multiple opiates and benzodiazepenes in his system. Because he had three DWI priors, Client faced up to ten years in prison at 85 percent and a ten year denial of his license if convicted. The client’s previous attorney told him he had no choice but to plead guilty. We retained a top toxicologist to combat the testing done in the case. During a pre-trial hearing, attorney Brian Cooke forced the State’s expert to admit the testing done by the hospital could not conclusively prove our client was intoxicated at the time of the accident. The prosecution dismissed the case the day before trial and our client pled to careless and imprudent driving, a minor traffic violation.

3 Counts Assault 1st Degree, Armed Criminal Action Dismissed

A St. Louis County man was charged with three counts of Assault 1st Degree and Armed Criminal Action after allegedly shooting at three people in a hallway. At the preliminary hearing, Attorney Brian Cooke was able to get multiple counts dismissed. Additionally, we presented evidence that the alleged victims had instigated the conflict and shot at our client first. The alleged victims became uncooperative thereafter and the case was dismissed on the day of trial.

DWI Dismissed, Felony Leaving the Scene Reduced to Misdemeanor

Client charged with DWI and Felony leaving the scene after allegedly rear ending a parked car and leaving the scene. Client was subsequently arrested at her home almost an hour later and blew over the legal limit on a breath test. We were able to persuade the prosecutor to dismiss the DWI on the basis that it was possible that client had drank after returning home. As a result the DWI was dismissed and the felony leaving the scene was reduced to a misdemeanor with SIS probation.

DWI Dismissed

St. Charles County man was charged with DWI Drugs and Alcohol after allegedly admitting to drinking and smoking weed, blowing over the legal limit on a portable breath test, and failing all field sobriety tests. We were able to persuade the prosecutor to dismiss the DWI charge after showing that the officer improperly administered the field sobriety tests. As a result our client was able to plead to a minor traffic violation and recieved no points on his licens.

St. Louis Man Acquitted of Unlawful Possession of a Firearm

During a traffic stop police claimed our client had a stolen gun in plain view sticking out between the driver’s seat and center console. During the trial we were able to poke holes in the officers’ credibility and ultimately forced them to admit they couldn’t say for certain whether our client knew the gun was in the car and that the car did not belong to him. The jury returned a quick not guilty verdict.

First Degree Murder and Attempted Murder Charges Reduced, Armed Criminal Action Dismissed.

Client was charged with first degree murder, assault in the 1st degree, and armed criminal action after allegedly shooting into another vehicle 20+ times, killing the driver and injuring a passenger. Client initially faced life in prison without parole or the death penalty, which the state elected not to seek. According to the police, client’s vehicle and cell phone were traced to and from the scene of the murder and shell casings matched another shooting attributed to our client. After attorney Cooke thoroughly discredited the State’s cell phone expert and lead detective during depositions, the prosecutor offered to reduce the murder to charge to voluntary manslaughter and agreed to a disposition of 22 years. As a result, our client will be eligible for parole in 11 years instead of dying in prison.

Unlawful Possession of Firearm Dismissed

A Cooper county man was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm and felony driving while suspended after a gun was found in his vehicle. Client had multiple felony priors. During discovery, we uncovered that the police had left a passenger unattended in the vehicle as they questioned our client. Our client had also initially been combative with police but subsequently consented to a search–both factors calling into question whether or not he actially knew the gun was in the car. As a result of negotiations with the prosecutor, we were able to get the gun case dismissed.

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