Case Results

St. Louis Man Avoids Revocation After Three Felony Arrests on Probation

A St. Louis City Man was accused of felony resisting, possession of a firearm, tampering with a motor vehicle, and felony possession of a controlled substance while on felony probation for a weapons offense. If revoked, he faced a seven year sentence. In addition, our client was accused of failing to report and using drugs while on probation. At the hearing, we were able to persuade the judge that the evidence of arrest on the new felony cases was not admissible and that the defendant had made efforts to report. At the conclusion of the hearing the judge found that there was insufficient evidence to revoke defendant and re-instated his probation.

Probation Violation for Gun rejected by judge, early termination of Felony Probation

A St. Louis man was on probation for Unlawful Use of a Weapon. According to police who responded to a domestic disturbance, our client was in possession of a loaded 9mm handgun. At the hearing, attorney Brian Cooke was able to poke holes in the officer’s version of events. Additionally, we put on evidence that the gun actually belonged to the defendant’s brother. The judge found that there was “insufficient evidence” that the defendant actually possessed the gun. The judge went a step further and discharged our client from probation six months early based on the fact that our client was incarcerated for the meritless violation.

Jefferson County man has 5th offense felony DWI dismissed

A Jefferson County man was charged with DWI 5th offense for allegedly wrecking his car in a ditch, failing all field sobriety tests, admitting to dinking, and refusing a breathalyzer. Client had a significant black eye in his mugshot. Due to issues with witness’ cooperation (i.e. the arresting officer) the case was dismissed by prosecutor after attorney Brian Cooke set it for preliminary hearing.

Robbery 1st Degree, Armed Criminal Action Charges Dismissed.

A St. Louis City man was charged with Robbery 1st Degree and Armed Criminal Action after allegedly carjacking a man at gunpoint. Through our investigation we were able to show the prosecutor that the alleged victim had multiple felony priors and a misdemeanor prior for filing a false police report. Additionally, we filed a motion to suppress evidence that our client was in possession of the gun purported to have been used during the robbery. All charges were dismissed.

Arson 1st Degree and Felony Meth Charges Reduced, drug treatment instead of prison

A St. Charles County man was accused of attempting to burn an apartment complex down during a meth binge. He initially faced up to 15 years in prison, of which he would have to serve a minimum of 85 percent. Client was also caught with meth on a prior occasion and was on probation for attempted robbery. Attorney Brian Cooke was able to negotiate the Arson charge to a lower felony and get the client placed in a 120 day drug treatment program–instead of a lengthy mandatory prison sentence.

Felony Resisting Arrest Charges Dismissed

Client was accused of struggling with officers while being arrested on an outstanding felony warrant. Attorney Brian Cooke was able to persuade the prosecutor to dismiss all charges by pointing out that the officers were in plain clothes and did not show their badges.

Order of Protection Trial: Verdict for Defense

Client was accused of allegedly threatening to make his former boss a widow and making dozens of offensive facebook posts about her. At trial, we were able to show that the Petitioner was not credible and that the facebook posts were constitutionally protected speech. After a long trial, the judge made a quick ruling in favor of our client and denied the restraining order.

Felony Drug Charges Dismissed after Evidence Suppressed

A Pulaski County man was pulled over for an alleged traffic violation. After the stop he consented to a search of his vehicle which resulted in the discovery of multiple illegal drugs. Attorney Brian Cooke was able to show that the initial stop and detention were illegal. As a result, the prosecuting attorney had no choice but to dismiss the case.

DWI/Leaving the Scene Dismissed

Client was accused of DWI and leaving the scene after allegedly stumbling out of a gas station with a 30 pack of bar and rear-ending a parked car. Police claim he failed all field sobriety tests, became belligerent, and refused a breathalyzer. During a pre-trial hearing attorney Brian Cooke was able to show that the police officer did not correctly administer the field sobriety tests. Furthermore, attorney Cooke was able to argue that there was no probable cause to arrest the client because enough time had lapsed between the alleged driving and arrest that it was impossible to prove the client was intoxicated at the time he was accused of driving.

Reduced Charges on Second Shooting Case

Client was charged with Assault in the first Degree and Armed criminal action after allegedly shooting a man during an altercation. Client had previously been to prison and was on parole and probation for the same charges, with a backup sentence of 15 years. We were able to get the client discharged from his probation due to legal technicality this saving him from an automatic 15 year sentence. After preliminary hearing on the new charge, we were able to show that the eyewitnesses were not credible and that the client likely had acted in self-defense. The state agreed to reduce the charges to a low level felony and agreed to a five year sentence. As a result, our client will be eligible for parole after two and half years.

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